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Apnea Rebel closed head 82 cm 1 speargun professional

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Apnea Rebel closed head 82 cm 1 speargun professional
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Apnea Rebel 82cm speargun professional


Apnea Rebel Indoor Head Harpoon

The Apnea Rebel Closed muzzle speargun is a high performance gun at a great price. The Rebel speargun's quality and features match those of many guns that are twice the cost or more!

At the heart of the Rebel speargun is a 28mm diameter barrel with integral rail which ensures a straight flight of the spear when fired and also makes the barrel stronger and less prone to "barrel flex"

The open muzzle allows a clean release of the spear and line whilst also offering a clearer line of sight when you are aiming down the length of the gun. The gun's power is provided by a 18mm single looped rubber connected to a jointed wishbone. The spear is 115cm 6.5mm stainless steel "shark fin" spear with single flopper. Nylon line, crimps and a bungee are also provided with the gun.

The handle is comfortable and ergonomic and features a sensitivity adjuster for the trigger, a safety catch located on the top of the handle which is easy to operate with either hand, a metal clip attachment at the base of the handle and a loading butt.

You have the option of fitting a reel to the gun which can hold up to 50 meters of line.

* Apnea Rebel has high strength aluminum pipe integrated on the skewer channel.

* 18mm diameter latex rubber .

* There is a 6.5mm hardness swelling on the harpoon.

* Bonito has moving bonito.


Product typeusb lighter
Case typeMetal

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